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12+ years of Digitizing experience and over 140,000 designs digitized….

With Rambba you get skilled digitizers not an automated scanning software.

And that’s important. Finished designs are higher quality and designed for real-world application. It means avoiding the hidden costs of a sub-standard design. From costly thread breaks during production to time wasted on testing and revising a design. Get it right first time!!!…

Tested By Sewing

At Rambba we don’t use auto-digitizing software’s and we only do not work on Embroidery. Therefore our highly skilled & experienced digitizers offer 3D Foam, Appliqué and Tackle Twill services, creating designs that run smoother and sew better. Every design is tested by sewing them out onto fabric appropriate to your application. That means fewer thread breaks and optimized thread count for lower production costs

Here the Digitizing Prices are kept very simple & easily affordable to all our clients yet highly competitive.

Stitch count

Price varies according to the number of stitches, on the mainstream we charge $4 per 1000 Stitches

Flat rate

Price varies according to the volume of your designs.



At Rambba you are provided with a dedicated professional Accounts Manager with an expertise of over 15 years,whose job is to consult, assist &dig more about you. You can share your requirements, your competition, choice of Artwork and its particulars. Our consultancy service ensures you understand the process well and select the most appropriate package for your brand & your target audience.